14.9/15; highly recommend

Everything about this bistro is just right! Less a minor critique on an particular appetizer, this is a near perfect for Atmosphere, Menu, and Service.

Atmosphere - 5/5
The ambiance is warm and inviting; simple but not sparse, complimentary without being overwhelming.

Menu. - 4.9/5
The menu is a single page, which may initially seem limited, but upon further review has a great variety. The dishes include pastas, paella, and stew. The dishes we tried were prepared wonderfully and we observed a larger party next to us that among them had most of the menu items and they also raved on how the dishes were prepared.
The only critique in my review is relative to the Italian baguette appetizer. The baguette is served whole, with a serrated spatula, on a cutting board. The baguettes are toasted, so much so that they are difficult to cut and serve and the serrated spatial is chic but impractical.

Service - 5/5
Simply perfect. Polite, appropriately timed for greetings, menu orientation, delivery of each course, checking back, and wrapping up.

Donald Heinkel

My wife and I took our family out to dinner here over the weekend and really enjoyed it. We all ordered something different so we could try a little bit of several different things. My youngest ordered the kids cheese pizza which we all tasted and it was delicious. I'm not always a fan of hand tossed crusts (that could be because most of the time when we have pizza it's from a chain restaurant) their crust was great and the sauce was fantastic in my opinion too. My oldest daughter ordered the ravioli and the marinara sauce is literally the best marinara I've ever tasted! My wife ordered the Fettuccine Alfredo which was very tasty as well. I ordered the Spicy Chipotle Pesto Trottole which combined with the included sausage was super good too. The staff was very nice and took good care of us. It was pretty busy when we went in and we never had to ask for help or drink refills. They were always right there checking in on us. I'm looking forward to trying their Mixed Paella next time we go.


Wonderful food and the owners put their heart and family in this business. We had a great dinner. Paella was fabulous

Jill Brandenberger

There is now another authentic Italian restaurant in the Tri Cities! If you haven't tried Europa, prepare to travel thru space to Italy, transported into an authentic bistro, and sent to the heavens with mouth-watering, hand-made pastas and sauces, wines, Italian baguettes... meatballs and Italian sausages. This family owned and run bistro is one of our newest favorites, and set to become yours too... and you better hurry before everyone finds it as well. This place is going to get real popular quickly.

Wayne Ellis

Have tried several dishes and enjoyed, but my favorite are their desserts. Homemade rice pudding is delish and their spumoni always hits the spot!!

Laura Whisnant

Food and wine were delicious. Staff and owner are friendly and wonderful. They care about the customers and their experience.

Luke Mehlenbacher

I love the food here. It is like a home cooked meal!!! One of my favorite places to eat.

Scott Roberts

Great food and atmosphere! Loved it!

Sheila Erickson

Great atmosphere. Unique menu items

Larry Huisingh

The food is delicious, great customer service, nice variety of dishes, great dessert.


Really good, perfect date night spot

Ramon Barajas